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With all the stuff we have going on in our lives these days – kids, school, work, the family, friends, economic turmoil, ad infinitum – it’s easy to forget to make time to improve our sex lives so that they are as healthy as they can reasonably be.

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However, good sex shouldn’t be something that is an occasional event. We should be having incredible sex every night (or morning!) we feel like it. Having the kind of sex life with a nice cheap sex doll you want shouldn’t be difficult, and in this article I’m going to detail some fantastic, simple ways for you and your partner to reconnect sexually and put that spark back into your sex life.

1. Communicate

It’s been said the cornerstone of any successful relationship is communication. Personally, I wouldn’t know, as the most successful parts of my relationships always happen in the bedroom (or occasionally on the kitchen table). What I DO know is that if you want to have a good sex life with a nice sex doll, you need to sit down and put the work in.

Discuss with your spouse what you both do and don’t like about your current sex life. You should each discuss not only the quality but frequency of it, and how this meets your expectations. What would you like to do more or less of? What were your favorite memories, sexually speaking, and do you know why? Is either of you failing to get regular sexual satisfaction?

It’s also a good idea to objectively discuss some of your sexual experiences while the experience is still fresh in your mind. Depending on your relationship and how touchy you each are regarding the subject, sometimes it’s best left until the following day, but try and take some mental notes. One of the best long-term sexual relationships I have ever had involved regular communication right after the act – pillow talk, if you will. However, not everyone can be so indifferent about their partner telling them they didn’t like the way your tongue was working, so if you do not take criticism easily, perhaps a different setting would be better for you.

2. Make Time For It

Having good sex is like anything else worth doing – it takes time. Not just for the act itself but the romance, foreplay, and general building of sexual tension that happens before the main event. If you only have sex after you’ve both been at work all day and are both bone-tired then you can only expect a mediocre result. Try and clear one night a week or fortnight where you plan to do absolutely nothing except spend time with each other. Take a bath together, give each other a massage, do whatever you want to try and mentally attune yourselves to each other a little more. As the old saying goes – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

3. Embrace Your Sexuality

Nothing gets in the way of a good sex life with a nice sex doll more than one (or both) parties feeling that sex is somehow “wrong’ or “dirty”. I will spare you my rant on the problems in our society that cause this to be the case way too often, and will instead simply quote the great Bobby McFerrin and say “Don’t worry, be happy!”.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex, and doing so does not make you morally or ethically unsound, or dirty, or a bad person, or any other crazy things that may be getting into your head.

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We are meant to enjoy sex. Accept it as a liberating and fulfilling experience and I guarantee your sex life with a nice sex doll will improve immeasurably. vIf you are looking for best silicone pussy, you should try, maybe you can get surprise.