FAQs About the Initiative

What is this?
This Oregon 2014 initiative is a statewide citizen movement to prohibit using public funds for abortions. Our goal is to gather at least 150,000 signatures in order to qualify for the November, 2014 ballot. We have a very limited window of time to accomplish this, and we need your help now. 

Why is this needed?
Since 1984, Oregon taxpayers have spent literally tens of millions of dollars on abortions — and we continue to fund more than 4,000 abortions each year through the Oregon Health Plan. (See abortion funding facts.) Many Oregonians are shocked to learn this, and public awareness efforts now underway are beginning to shine light on this hidden truth. Ultimately, when approved by voters, our initiative will give Oregon taxpayers freedom from being forced to fund other people’s elective abortions.

Who’s behind this?
The initiative is sponsored by the Oregon 2014 Petition Committee, a diverse grass-roots group of citizens dedicated to giving Oregon taxpayers freedom of choice on the issue of abortion funding (see Mission Statement). The petition committee is based in Corvallis, and is not officially affiliated with any other organization or group. The initiative has three chief petitioners: Jeff Jimerson (Albany), Lee Edward (Corvallis), and former State Senator Marylin Shannon (Salem).

What has been accomplished so far?
This 2014 initiative is being built upon a foundation laid during our first attempt at placing this on the ballot in 2012 — when 70,000 signatures were gathered by 2,500 volunteers in less than six months. This year we have twice as much time, and we’re starting with much more awareness.

How many signatures are needed?
A minimum of 116,284 valid signatures are needed to place this issue before voters in November, 2014. However, our goal is to collect at least 150,000 signatures to account for duplicates and other problems the Secretary of State’s office finds.

When is the deadline to turn in signatures?
The FINAL deadline to have petitions postmarked to our Corvallis address is June 30. Return signed petitions to: PO Box 1620, Corvallis OR 97339.

Do signatures from the 2012 petition count?
No, signatures from our previous petition do not count. We want all registered voters who signed the 2012 petition to also sign this 2014 petition.

Can petition sheets be photocopied?
Yes, but be careful. You must copy both sides of the blank petition and use white, standard 20lb. copier/printer paper. Failure to follow these rules could invalidate all signatures on an incorrectly copied petition sheet. Instead of photocopying, if you need more petitions you can also place an order for more sheets.

What about “ObamaCare?”
The 2010 Affordable Care Act — also known as ObamaCare — requires states to have an “exchange” for individuals to shop for health insurance, including options for reduced-cost, government-subsidized health care. This initiative would prohibit public funds in Oregon from being used to pay for elective abortions covered by the Oregon Health Plan as well as government-subsidized health insurance plans created by ObamaCare. There’s nothing in the law of ObamaCare that would overrule, nullify or otherwise challenge the meaning and effectiveness of this initiative.

Is this a ban on abortion?
No, this is not a ban on abortion. Because this initiative focuses exclusively on how abortions are paid for — and it doesn’t create any restrictions or limits on abortion itself — both pro-life and pro-choice Oregonians who value personal freedoms are supporting this effort.

What about the Hyde Amendment?
The Federal Hyde Amendment has been in place since 1976, but it only restricts the use of federal tax dollars from being used for abortions. This initiative is about our state tax dollars.

How can I help?
Many hands make light work, and the success of this initiative depends on people just like you being willing to get involved. Here are three easy ways for just about anyone to help:

  1. Make a contribution of $11 or more
  2. Gather 11 or more signatures
  3. Inform others who may want to help


Please note: If you are circulating the petition please see our page on FAQs for Signature Gatherers.